Legacy ( Shred For The Cure )
Legacy ( Shred For The Cure )

Legacy ( Shred For The Cure )

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This board is dedicated to those we lost, and to those who are fighting every day. To those we lost We honor them by living to our fullest by the values, virtues and integrity that they laid the foundation for. We help those who are fighting this disease fight it. We stand together and unite!

This year it’s my goal to impact people 10 levels wide and 10 levels deep! What we do in this life will echo in eternity.

Thank you to the amazing people pictured who are this board, for sharing your story and our message!

-Jeff Lavin - Founder and head Shredneck

Shred For The Cure will be available for the 2019-2020 season!


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It is a whole new Wi-Me snowboards! We have removed all overseas construction and brought all of our products home so that the quality can be on par with the top of the market brands and you can know you are shopping local from a happy little factory in the USA bringing jobs to locals. We wanted every board to be handmade for you, to be your perfect shredding machine, not just one of hundreds of boards that have not been touched in years sitting on a shelf with old tech and worn out souls.

      All Wi-Me Snowboards are professionally handcrafted at Smokin Snowboards Factory in Reno/Tahoe U.S.A. (Isn't that amazing!? You will be helping a local business rather than some factory in some country but instead getting an amazing product made right here at home)
       Wi-Me believes that the longer your board lasts, the better for the environment it is. We strive to make some of the strongest snowboards on the market and back it with a 1 year warranty against Manufacturer Defects so you won’t need a new one.
      Not only does Wi-Me offer a great warranty, we take it a step further. If the unthinkable happens and you damage your board beyond the scope of our warranty, we will take it back and sell you a replacement at a heavily discounted rate.

        All Warranty and Bummer Replacement boards deemed “repairable” will be factory refurbished and available for purchase in our Re-Shred Program online and in factory only.

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     All boards are made to order to insure the newest and best as well as most environmentally friendly  technology is used, this does cause a slight increase in the time for you to get your amazing new snowboard. Standard time frame is as follows:

Computer thinking and paperwork Order processing: 1-2 business days
Expertly handmade in USA super cool board construction: 3-10 business days
Cool delivery person enviously bringing you your new shredder: 2-5 business days.
So you can expect about 5-17 business days, we will do our best to get it to you ASAP and if you ever have questions shoot us an email at McFooden@wi-meshred.com

Happy Shredding!