Passion Meets Purpose

First and foremost we give back to causes like fighting cancer, suicide awareness, and women’s issues. We feel it’s incumbent upon us to take on these issues that affect our communities and offer solutions to help with our outreach. A percentage from our sales will be dedicated to giving back. Some see things the way they are and ask why, we dream of things that never were and say why not!

Because we do this, this allows us to create community. With events, retreats, and trips where our customers share their story with in our story. The ” What’s Your Why?” aspect. We’ll also be adding more content on our site of suggestions of all the cool places we’ve been, where to ride, stay, eat, and coaching!

Where passion meets purpose, and precision results in us createing fun innovative snowboards for you to enjoy. We’ll always be innovating, and creating. We look at the snowboard from the outside in, with what goes inside of it, then the outside back in for the shape that compliments it, to create the ultimate riding experience.

Finally we’ll also be giving back to our customers that share our story, and products with an ambassador/ affiliate program!

-Where Passion Meets Purpose-

Jeff Lavin