We're Back

Yo, listen up shredders! WI-ME is making moves on the mountain and changing up our game. We're no longer carving up the slopes with our boards, but we're still bringing the heat with our fresh merch and sick threads.

We know it's been a minute since you've seen us, but we've been taking some time off to catch some air and regroup. We've been having some supply chain issues, but we're not slow us down. We're still living the dream and having a blast, just like all you pow-chasers out there.

By popular demand, we're back in the game with some awesome merch collections. From Gnar Wars to Shredamie Street, we've got something for everyone. And just wait, we've got more epic designs coming your way with our sick shirts and hats down the road.

We may not be shredding the gnar on the mountain with our boards anymore, but we're still living the snowboarding lifestyle and having a blast. So keep an eye out for us, because we're still riding the wave and making moves on and off the mountain. WI-ME out! SEND IT!!!!