The Glad Scientist Of Snowboard Manufacturing

There’s a lot of people out there that talk about the “good ole days.” The snow was deeper. The mountains bigger (not sure how). The lift lines were shorter. But there is one thing that nearly all of us can agree on. The technology surrounding snowboard manufacturing IS better now than ever before.



80s and 90s Snowboard Gear – Medieval Torture Devices


Image by skeeze from Pixabay

For those of us that snowboarded back in the wild frontier of the 80’s & 90’s might remember our gear technology was a little “iffy” to say the least. From the idea of lowback bindings to Styrofoam snowboard cores, the equipment sometimes felt less like gear & more like torture devices. Fast forward to the 2000’s and everything from within a snowboard to clothing has evolved and made snowboarding that much more fun.



Who Is The Glad Scientist Of Snowboard Manufacturing?


Throughout the evolution, Wi-Me Snowboards owner Jeff Lavin has seen it all. For anyone fortunate enough to sit down with him, talk about snowboards, & have a cold frosty pint, you’ll be gifted with a compendium of knowledge. Everything from failed base materials companies tried to use in the 90s to the dirty little secrets of today’s manufacturers. As we so affectionately like to call him, he’s the “glad scientist of snowboard manufacturing.” How come? He’s always oozing positive energy that’s infectious. And all the while knows more about snowboards than anyone else we’ve ever met.



Wi-Me Is Jeff Lavin AKA The Glad Scientist


This focused energy has evolved into what the Wi-Me crew likes to call Passion Meets Purpose. From the Wi-Me Legacy series where a portion of the sales go to fight cancer to making boards that are environmentally conscious, Wi-Me isn’t just a normal snowboard company. It’s a crew of people that LOVE snowboarding, spread the stoke through action, and most of all, make the best dam boards out there based on price.