Why did Wi-Me Snowboards increase their prices?

           So I think you all have noticed, our prices have gone up. Now its not because we have decided we need more money and want to you hand it over, we instead, have grown into a new brand, who wants to make your riding experience and this country the best that it can be. 

We have moved home to the U.S.A!

Made In USA Made in NV Made in U.S.A. Made in Nevada

             We have brought everything home! We no longer have any of our products constructed overseas. We wanted to focus on a great product and helping our local economy by partnering with Smokin Snowboards and having everything professionally handcrafted right here in their factory in Reno, NV U.S.A. This has lead to an increase in manufacturing cost, but we feel that the extra cost is well worth the increased quality and increase in jobs here at home.

Our New Tech is Amazing!!

Snowboard Tech Technology construction

              We have upgraded! Our New Tech is legit! We have looked into the best new shapes, camber options, construction, and materials to combine it all into the ultimate riding experience. We want you to be able to buy 1 of our boards and ride it for many many years to come, not only because it looks great, or because it has exceptional durability, but because it is the most fun board you have ever ridden!

We are using new Eco-friendly construction methods!

GNAR WARS snowboards eco friendly low impact sunshine mountains snow trees

              Our new environmentally conscious manufacturing process is our way to reduce the footprint that building snowboards creates. Whenever possible we use recycled plastics, reduce waste in our processes and reuse material to minimize our impact on our surroundings. This way we can help preserve our beautiful planet so others can shred majestic mountains for years to come. Fully sublimated graphics reduce ink waste and are more eco-friendly and vibrant than screen printing. And our Natural Hemp reinforcement fibers are used to tune out vibrations and transfer energy from boot to contacts increasing response and pop and replace less sustainable carbon fiber alternatives. These changes may lead to a slight price increase but we feel its an important aspect of our companies new direction and hope to make the world a better place.

To Prove this we are selling our 1st 100 boards of 2020 at cost! You pay what we pay. Use the code "GetAwesome2020" and you will pay our manufacturing price for our amazing new lineup!