Boards on demand!

We are excited to share with all of you that for the 2019 season and beyond we'll be producing our boards on demand here in USA. After getting some your feedback, and processing it, we feel this is the way to continue as a brand going forward. This will allow us to make a bigger impact, and expand, while staying environmentally conscious. The benefits are:

1. Keeping a low impact on carbon emissions, by not overproducing. 

One of the problems we see in the industry is the excess production of boards. By producing on demand it allows us to ship one time, straight to you.  From the excess use of raw materials, to the carbon emissions of delivering them to the production facilities to the emissions from shipping to distributor, rep, wholesalers, and retailers, etc. We want every WI-ME board out there to have a minimal impact on mother nature.

2. We can be more creative and innovative through out the season.

It's not only our goal to create the ultimate riding experience for you, but be as creative and innovative as possible. By taking your feedback, we can make minor tweaks, drop limited editions, and mix things up a bit. That pow board idea that you have, share it with us, if it's doable, we'll give it a try. That graphic on this board, sure why not.

3. This allows us to do more of why we started this brand! TO SNOWBOARD with all of you! 

Because we're going this route it allows us to spend more time on the hill riding and interacting with you. You are the best thing that makes WI-ME possible and we look forward to shredding with you and our free events through out the season. 

Our culture encourages creativity and thinking outside the box. Let's break down those walls and start thinking different! Who's with us!?