Are Popular Snowboards The Best?

When you head up to your local mountain, what snowboards do you normally see? Most likely brands such as Burton, Lib Tech, and maybe a few regional big hitters like Nitro or even Arbor. The question that always rings in our heads is, “Are popular snowboards the best?”



Just Because It’s Popular Doesn’t Mean It’s Good


New York Yankees

The answer is that’s not always the case. The quality of the snowboard may be part of it, but for the majority, it’s their marketing. For example, Burton is like the New York Yankees of snowboarding. The A-List of pro snowboarders. You want to ride their gear because these pro snowboarders are using it.



Don’t Be A Lemming - Be You!


Lemming In WinterMy father always used to say when I was a kid, “Why are you being a billboard?” Years later, I came to realize what he meant. What you wear (or ride) shows people what you’re about. If you rock our t-shirt that says “Get Awesome”, you’re showing people that you’re about positivity and having a good time on the slopes.



Why You Should Consider Wi-Me


So, when you’re thinking about buying a new snowboard, take a second and think about it. Do you want to ride the exact same snowboard as all the other people in the lift line? Heck no. Besides making one of the best snowboards out there for the price, Wi-Me is about making sure that Passion meets Purpose. Wi-Me does this by making our boards in the U.S., using environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, AND donating part of the snowboard sales to causes like fighting cancer. If you believe in doing something good AND riding a great board, that’s what we’re all about!



Even if you don’t buy a Wi-Me Snowboard (we hope you do), at least consider a company that cares about what you stand for and represents who you are.