WELCOME to the WI-ME blogging situation.

I think the absolute worst thing someone with a blog can do is tell you what their blog is about.  They should just tell you they have one, and how to find it, and that should be it.  I was waiting in line at a Starbucks in LA one day and couldn't help but overhear this lady telling her friend about her blog.  She was explaining to him how it was going to be all about music and art and fashion, and how she was going to take it REALLY seriously.  I watched as her friend's brain melted and slowly began to drip out of the various orifices in his head, unable to process the completely uninteresting conversational beatdown it was receiving.  Maybe that didn't actually happen, but he did look as though he'd just been informed that puppies had gone extinct, and for good reason- literally one in two people in LA has a blog about art and/or music and/or fashion, one in two of those people hasn't written a single post, and all of them want to tell you all about it.  At Starbucks.  Judging from his Macklemore haircut and the latest Hypebeast I could see stuffed into his shoulder bag, he'd been in LA for some time, so who could really blame him for keeling over in the face of another of these blogger death-drones?

Welcome to WI-ME.  This is our blog.


Posted on January 24, 2015 .